Top 5 Phonics Alphabet Songs

5 best phonics alphabet songs for learning letters

Top 5 Phonics Aphabet Songs

What is the first step children must take when learning how to read? Why, learning the alphabet of course. For over a century, the ABC song has been the go-to method of teaching toddlers those all-important letters. Generations of emerging readers have grown up inviting unspecified masses to “come sing with me”. . . but is this little tune realy the most effective way to learn the alphabet? Every prominent and effective reading curriculum uses a phonics-based teaching system. It’s about time we broke out of the mold and started teaching our toddlers the phonics sounds, rather than letter names.

With this in mind, I’ve done a little digging to bring you my top 5 best phonics alphabet songs. If you just google phonics songs, all sorts will show up, but they are not all made equal. My criteria for picking the best are:

A) The song uses only phonics sounds, not letter names; No point confusing the little ones with double sounds to memorise.

and B) The phonics sounds are accurate; “F” should be “fffff” not “fuh”

So, in no particular order, here are my picks for the 5 best phonics songs:

1: Sing Spell Read and Write

Sing Spell Read and Write is a great reading program, with a catchy phonics alphabet song. The sound quality for the video isn’t the greatest, and there are no moving graphics, but the song itself has a fun melody for kids to sing along to:

2: ELF Kids Phonics Song

This song features calming background music while the phonics sounds are each repeated several times in a cheerful voice. The video shows the upper and lower case letters, as well as showing each letter within a word:

3: Barbara Milne’s Interactive Phonics Song

Barbara Milne’s phonics follows a cute melody, and repeats each phonics sound sequence and accompanying word twice. In addition, the video shows actions that your child can follow along with, to add an extra layer of fun:

4: Sign2Me ABC Phonics Song

If you like to have actions with the songs, you can take it a step further and learn the letters in American Sign Language. This song teaches the letters in ASL, as well as a word for each letter. I broke my own rule for this one–it does include the letter names in addition to he sounds–but if you really want to have fun with sign language, then that little factor can be forgiven:

5: Jolly Phonics

Rather than an alphabet song, this is a seies of fun songs that each focuses on the phonics sound of a different letter. They use the melodies of popular nursery songs, and teach the letter sounds in a very engaging way:


Thank you for reading! Do you have a favourite phonics song that I missed? Leave a link in the comments below.

To learn more about the easiest and most effective way to teach your toddler letter sounds, check out my post: Teaching Letters Naturally



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