Lovely Creations Preschool


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Free Preschool Homeschol Curriculum

Free weekly themes for your Christian preschool

Lovely Creations Preschool

This free, christian preschool homeschol curriculum contains five units, from “God Made the World” to “I Am Thankful for God’s Gifts.” Each week expores one of God’s lovely creations with songs, story-books, art projects, and science activities. A letter-of-the-week schedule is included from November to May.

I recommend checking with your library to see which books are available locally through inter-library loans, and asking if they can set up a borrowing schedule so that all your books will be available when you need them.

I also highly recommend The Homegrown Preschooler, by Lee and Richards, for great ideas on how to add well-rounded development activities into any preschool theme or schedule.

God Made the World

 Genesis 1:1 “God created the heaven and the earth.”

preschool homeschol curriculum:September

Day/Night (Sun, moon, stars)

Sky (weather)

Sea (rivers, ponds, lakes, ocean)

Land (plains, hills, mountains)

free preschool curriculum: October



Plants I eat:

Seasons: Fall/Autumn

God Made the Animals

Genesis 1:21 “God created… every living creature that moveth”

preschool homeschol curriculum: November

Bugs (A for Ant)

Birds (B for Bird)

Fish (C for Clownfish)

Forest animals (D for Deer)

free preschool curriculum: December

Wild animals (E for Elephant)

Farm animals (F for Farm)

Animals around the manger (G for Gift)

Christmas (H for Happy)

God Made Me

Job 33:4 “The spirit of God hath made me”

preschool homeschol curriculum: January

Seasons: Winter (I for Igloo)

My body made in God’s image (J for Jump)

My eyes to see (K for Kaleidoscope)

My ears to hear (L for Loud, or Lullaby)

free preschool curriculum: february

My smell and taste (M for Mouth, or Mmmmmmm)

My voice to sing (N for Note)

My hands to feel and do (O for Operation, or toss)

My feet to walk and jump (P for Parade or Park)

I Can Be Like Jesus

1 Corinthians 11:1 “Be ye followers… of Christ.”

preschool homeschol curriculum: march

Jesus calmed the storm (Q for Quiet)

Jesus healed the sick (R for Raise or Restore)

Jesus died for me (S for Saved and Sacrifice and Sacrament)

Jesus Lived Again—Easter (T for Tomb)

free preschool curriculum: april

Season: Spring (U for umbrella)

I can serve others (V for Value, or serVe)

I can share/give (W for you’re Welcome)

I can be obedient (X for eXample or eXact)

I am Thankful for God’s Gifts

Psalm 107:1 “O give thanks unto the Lord”

preschool homeschol curriculum: may

Thankful for My Mother—Mother’s Day (Y, for I love You)

Thankful for My Clothes (Z for Zipper)

Thankful for My Home

Thankful for Food

free preschool curriculum: june

Thankful for Brother/Sister/Grandparents

Thankful for my Father—Father’s Day

Thankful for my favourite things

  • Songs: Favourite Songs
  • Books: Favourite Books

Seasons: Summer