LDS Kindergarten

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lds kindergarten curriculum for homeschoolers

LDS Kindergarten

“establish a house… of learning” ~D&C 88:119

As I was researching programs for my ultimate preschool curriculums list, I realised something. Although there is a great selection of weekly Bible study resources to draw from, there is a sad shortage of material that highlights Latter Day Saint gospel themes. I was able to find a few, but I made up my mind to make my own LDS kindergarten curriculum to share with all the other mormon mommas who are looking for some gospel study structure for their little ones.

Rather than following specific scripture stories, I chose to focus this program on the Plan of Salvation, and simple gospel truths. Each week includes songs to sing, a story book to read, and some activity and learning ideas. Your favorite reading and math programs can and should be used alongside these themes at each child’s own pace. I hope you find this schedule helpful for your family!

These weekly themes deal with abstract concepts, and as such were created with children aged 4-6 in mind. For a schedule of more concrete thematic material for younger brains, check out my Pre-K Plan.

Without further ado, here is my LDS kindergarten curriculum:

Sept: God created Earth

Monthly scripture: Genesis 1:1 “God created the heaven and the earth.”





Oct: God created Life

Monthly scripture: Genesis 1:21 “God created… every living creature that moveth”





Nov: I am a Child of God

Monthly scripture: Psalms 82:6 “you are children of the most High.”

I Lived in Heaven

  • Music: I Lived in Heaven
  • Book: You are Special, Max Lucado
  • Learning Ideas:
    • The wemmicks used to live with the woodworker before they were sent to the vilage. You used to live with Heavenly Father before you were sent to Earth.
    • God’s love matters most, but grey dots still hurt people’s feelings. Practicing giving each other gold stars by saying nice things.

Earth: a Place of Learning

Bodies Created in God’s Image

First Arrivals: Adam and Eve

Dec: God made a Plan

Monthly scripture: John 3:16 “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son”

No one is Perfect

  • Music: Second Article of Faith
  • Book: David Gets in Trouble, David Shannon
  • Learning Ideas:
    • Can we be perfect forever? No. Everyone makes wrong choices somethimes.
    • Review Mom and Dad’s house rules. Then review God’s rules: “commandments”
    • Take a white t-shirt or piece of paper and splatter paint on it. Making wrong choices is like getting dirty.
    • Watch The Shiny Bicycle. When the boy ignored his parents’ advice, his bike became yucky.

Jesus Sent to Save us

  • Music: I Feel my Savior’s Love, Jesus is our Loving Friend
  • Book: Lucky Ducklings, Eva Moore
  • Learning Ideas:
    • When we make wrong choices, it is like we fall in a hole, like the little ducklings, and we can’t get out on our own. Jesus is like a ladder, we can climb to return to live with Heavenly Father.
    • How hard is it to return the painted t-shirt/paper to its original white? Jesus can!
    • Watch The Shiny Bicycle again. Jesus is like the wash cloth–He can make us clean again if we trust him and try our best to fix our mistakes.



Jan: My Body is a Gift

Monthly scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:16 “ye are the temple of God”

Eyes to See

Ears to Hear

Smell and Taste

Arms and Legs

Feb: I’m Trying to be like Jesus

Monthly scripture: John 13:15 “I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done”

Jesus was Perfect (I can be obedient)

Jesus Healed the Sick (I can help others)

Jesus Calmed the Storm (I can be peaceful and reverent)

Jesus Fed 5000 (I can share)

March: Jesus is my Saviour

Monthly scripture: Isaiah 1:18 “though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”

Jesus Kept his Promises (I can be honest)

Jesus Forgave (I can forgive)

Saying Sorry means Stopping

Jesus Lived Again and So Will I

April: I Love my Family

Monthly scripture: Family Proclamation “Family is central to the Creator’s plan”

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Family History

Families are Forever

May: God is Near Me

Monthly scripture:  D&C 121:46 “The Holy Ghost shall be thy constant companion”

I Can Pray Anytime

The Holy Ghost Comforts Me

The Holy Ghost Protects Me

The Holy Ghost Guides Me

June: God Leads Us

Monthly scripture:  1 Nephi 22:2 “by the Spirit are all things made known unto the prophets”

What is a Prophet?

  • Music: Tune of Follow the Prophet
    • Prophets are good men God calls to speak his word
    • They listen to God then tell us what they heard
    • When we trust the prophets; follow what they say
    • We can know for sure we’re walking in God’s way

Prophets Wrote the Scriptures

Joseph Smith was a Prophet

We have a Prophet Today


Thank you for your support! I hope you’ve enjoyed my LDS kidergarten curriculum.