About Me

Hi, my name is Aria, and I’m new to this: new to the blog thing, and new to the homeschool thing. I am mother of two under five, and just starting my homeschool preschool journey. I was homeschooled for three years as a kid, and I’ve done a fair bit of research–now is my chance to put it to practice.

I’d like to use this blog to help other parents study useful homeschooling resources, especially early learning tools, as that is where I am at this point. In addition, some of my posts will be geared toward sharing my faith in Jesus Christ, and sharing ideas for other Christian families to build faith in their families.

As a mother, my primary goal and purpose is to nurture and teach my children. If I can do anything to help support other parents and caregivers in achieving these same goals within their own families, I will count this blog successful.

Thank you for your support and readership. I hope to grow this blog into a rich resource for both Study and Faith—feel free to come by anytime!